Request for SvS Challenge

Through the Fortress Manager Zhang Ji, check the schedule for SvS at Cloud's End Fortress. 

Check the SvS schedule. - You can see who owns the Fortress and the SvS schedule through Fortress Info Menu. - Click on “Challenge Reservation” on the bottom of Fortress Info Menu to make a reservation to challenge the Fortress. 

Click on Challenge Reservation, and pay the entry fee on the starting day to make the challenge.

Click on Challenge Reservation, and pay the entry fee on the day of departure to make the challenge.

Up to 20 Hero Bands/Leagues can participate per one SvS. - Request for SvS can be made at the latest 1 hour before the start time. (The entry fee for SvS is different for Hero Bands and Hero Leagues. Also, depending on the size of Hero League, the entry fee differs.)

Preparing for SvS

The Fortress Guide NPC will inform the date and time of the next SvS battle.

All members of the Hero Bands or Hero Leagues that will participate in SvS have to be gathered in front of the Cloud's End Fortress's main entrance before the starting time. There will be an Announcement through out the server, before the SvS battle starts.

Threatening the Owner

Only the commander-in-chief, i.e. Hero Band/League leader, can threaten the owner of the Fortress.

If the owner is threatened once, unsuccessfully, there is a delay time. The owner can be threatened again, only after this delay time is over.

Threat Points have to be more than 10 points. (The Threat Point is a point system that players need to collect in the Fortress in order to threaten the owner. One may acquire Threat Points by killing other players that attempt to defend or attack the Fortress. Also, 1 Threat Point is automatically given every 3 minutes after the SvS begins.)

End of the SvS and Reward

After winning the SvS:

The players (of the winning Hero League) can obtain the Fortress's wardrobe. However, this wardrobe is a temporary item, which will disappear automatically once the period is over.

The victorious Hero Band/Hero League can receive the Guesthouse reward. The guesthouse is located behind the Fortress manager Xiao Yunfei.

Players may not be able to enter the guesthouse if they do not enter the house in certain period of time.

A 14-day armistice will be given. After the end of the armistice, the Hero League that holds the Fortress needs to defend successfully, to receive an additional 14-day armistice.

If the defense attempt fails, the ownership of the Fortress changes and a 14-day armistice will be given to the Hero League that successfully attacks.

Preparing for next SvS

After occupying the Fortress, players can see the Fortress information, by click on 'Fortress' in the Communities window (Shortcut V).

The date for the next SvS battle will also be given in that window, including the list of challengers.