Since Zhang Sanfeng founded Wu-Tang, The Clan of Divine Sword, countless disciples of his lineage have become famous teachers and swordmasters. The Way of The Sword is a noble journey with four paths, upon each of which a disciple may travel, and each one leads to glory. Time honored Roles in Wu-Tang consist of Blue Dragons, Red Phoenixes, Black Turtles and White Tigers.

Blue Dragons (Warrior)

Wu-Tang is The Clan of Divine Sword, and it has been bruited that Blue Dragons, who hold the front lines in combat, are the reason. They master the slow, supple techniques of Cloud Swords and the fast, unpredictable techniques of Wind Swords. They also learn Arts of Xuanxu, which neutralizes internal negative energy to cultivate both mind and body.

Because Life is of paramount importance, Constitution is their primary concern. Essence is harder to develop for them, and Wisdom is not as important as other attributes.

Black Turtles (Nuker)

Black Turtles are Wu-Tang's masters of Chi Kung. They are soft-spoken in nature, but steadfast in the discipline. Often sent on diplomatic missions, they protect themselves with Arts of Fortitude and subdue their opponents with Arts of the Turtle.

They place emphasis on Essence and Wisdom. Strength is harder for them to develop, and they are ill-suited to melee combat.

Red Phoenixes (Healer)

Red Phoenixes utilize Hermit Arts to help and heal others, Arts of the Light to purify themselves, and Tai Chi Arts for defense. They also learn protective Chi Kung Arts of Fortitude and combative Arts of Zixiao. Those with high Wisdom are encouraged to become Red Phoenixes.

Essence and Wisdom are key for this role. Constitution is harder to develop for them.

White Tigers (Hybrid)

White Tigers seek to master The Tao through the diversity of skill. They train each of the various Kung Fu and Chi Kung techniques of the clan, except for sword mastery. They believe Yin and Yang have no beginning nor end, and that creation and destruction reside in the ways in which they bend and yield to one another.

They emphasize Constitution and Essence and use Kung Fu for offense and Chi Kung for defensive with equal skill. Wisdom is harder for them to develop.