To start playing 9Dragons Awaken, follow these steps to download the game!

1. Go to the 9 Dragons Awaken website:

2. Click the [9Dragons Download] button.

3. You will automatically download the RedFox Games Downloader.exe.

4. Launch the Downloader.exe.

5. Select [Nine Dragons Awaken]. Click [Start Download]. Note: Please do not move on to the next step until download is complete!

6. When your download is complete, you will receive the message above. Click [Yes].

7. You will be directed to the file location. Locate the file 9DSetup and double click to launch. Note: Make sure your file size matches the picture shown, just in case your downloading stopped part way through.

8. You may be prompted, "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?" Click [Yes]

9. The Install 9Dragons Awaken window will open. Click [Install].

10. Once you have read the License Agreement, click [I accept.] and [Next]. Note: If you do not agree to our License Agreement, you cannot play.

11. Choose an Install Location. Then click [Install].

12. Installation will begin. Note: Please do not proceed to the next step until Installation is complete.

13. Click [OK].

14. Click [Run Game].

15. Your game will now patch! Note: Please do not proceed to the next step until your client has finished patching.

16. Select your window preferences. Click [GAME START].

17. Input your Log-in Credentials to begin playing 9Dragons Awaken! Note: Your Account is your email address.

Congratulations! You've installed 9Dragons Awaken. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please first make sure that you have:

  • Followed this guide step by step,
  • Set 9Dragons Awaken as an allowed program on your anti-virus program.

If you are still experiencing issues beyond this, please send in a ticket and let us know which step you were stuck on.